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The history, culture and glory of city Pushkar do not need any introduction.  The city is located in Ajmer and is one of the famous ancient cities of the country. The city boasts one of the very rare temples of Hindu God, Lord Brambha and has the religious significance because of the same reason. India runs both on beliefs and disbeliefs so many people feel that visiting to pilgrimage places is an essential part or duty of their life as human. Journey to Pushkar is also considered as the ultimate pilgrimage because it is said that it is must to attain salvation. The place feasts eyes of its travellers with other entertainments and its stunning beauty apart from its spiritual importance.  Here is the list of places that you can plan to visit in Pushkar over a weekend.

Pushkar Lake

As per Hindu mythology Pushkar lake is the place where Bramha and Savitri offered their prayers. Encompassed over more than 50 bathing Ghats, a dip in this lake is considered equivalent to hundred years of prayer and meditation. It is surrounded by more than 400 temples with serene and calm looks.

Jagatpita Bramha Temple

The 14th century marble and stone architecture, this temple is one of the best places to visit around the lake. It is one of three temples of world and only temple in India where Lord Bramha is worshipped. Pushkar gains additional attention because of this temple.

Savitri Temple

Situated on Ratnagiri hills, Savitri temple is another most visited temple of the country. It is part of an intersecting folk tale and one of the rare temples dedicated to Goddess Savitri. The location is extremely beautiful and gives breathtaking views of the city.

Sarafa bazar

Rajasthani crafted work, textile, adornments and leather items are displayed at marketplaces in Pushkar. The Sarafa bazar and Bada bazar is loaded with colorful products ranging from trinkets to turbans and is magnetizing vacationers from all over the globe.

Visitors are offered variety of Luxurious Accommodation in Pushkar with jaw dropping mountain views.  People often look for Banquet Halls in Pushkar for destination weddings and other gatherings where they can get wonderful arrangements and exceptional hospitality.  Settled in Aravali Hills, Hotel Bramha Horizon is one name which is serving luxury and comfort to its customers since years with stunning location, architecture and services.


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