why is pushkar mela in rajasthan famous?

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Travelers explore new places to make their holiday trip a memorable one. Rajasthan is among the best places to probe in India, offering a plethora of famous destinations. The Pushkar Mela in Rajasthan is among the largest camel fairs in the world and is illustrious for attracting tourists from different corners of the globe. This is why vacationists, as well as the locals, love to explore the seven day fair as it is an experience that deserves appreciation from the ones who are unaware of the culture and tradition of Rajasthan

Camel Fair - The main attraction of the Pushkar Mela is the Pushkar Camel Fair where the vacationists enjoy camel rides. It is eminent for being the biggest Camel Fair in the world. This unique experience must be savored by all the visitors who have decided to be a part of the Pushkar Mela and are unaware of the Pushkar Mela history.

Hot Air Balloon Ride - To have a look at the Pushkar Mela in a different way tourists opt for a hot air balloon ride. This gives them the chance to witness the entire mela where everything is visible from up high in the sky giving you picturesque vistas of the fair.

Interesting Competitions - Visitors would find it utterly absorbing after attending the Pushkar Mela in Rajasthan as it subsumes many intriguing competitions that would keep them captivated. Competitions in the fair include the longest mustache, matka phod, bridal competition, etc that make the fair a fantastic spot to visit.

Delicious Cuisine - People who crave for savoring appetizing dishes would definitely head towards the Pushkar Mela. An array of food stalls are set up on this day that offers an assortment of flavourful cuisines. The cuisine available here is a paradise for all foodies.

Shopping - It becomes impossible for vacationists to visit Pushkar Mela in Rajasthan without shopping. The fair contains a wide variety of handicrafts, traditional silver ornaments, shoes, etc, that would assuredly make you realize that exploring the fair was a great idea.

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